School Holiday Activities, Summer 2020/21

This school holidays we have a wide variety of offerings for keeping the kids creatively engaged during the long summer days. We can run a game for a consistent group of kids over a few days, or over a few weeks, or just a few hours.

We’ve got a few new systems for the old hands to try out – GURPS, Bunnies & Burrows, Call of Cthulhu, Monster of the Week, and we could go on! Tabletop role playing games have been around for a long time, and there are lots of intriguing game mechanics, fascinatingly intricate and bizarre world settings, and ingenious plot devices to keep even the most hungry minds satisfied.

Maybe your adventurer would like to try their hand at game design, either writing a module, creating a world that a game takes place in, or inventing a whole new system. Game design is a massive growth industry these days, creating, playtesting, and publishing your own games might be just the thing to get your adventurer engaged in some deep thinking.

For the crafty kids we have an opportunity to make your own spellbook. We’ll format our spells in a word processor, print them in booklet format, andthen learn basic bookbinding and embellishing techniques to make our books worthy of the most discerning wizard. We’ve got a terrain making class, taking extruded polystyrene from the hardware shop into authentic looking dungeon tiles to spice up your home adventures.

Is your adventurer ready to step up their dress up game? We’ve got a pattern for a hooded cape so simple that even a complete novice will be able to make the perfect fantasy accessory for your next adventure. And every kid with a set of polyhedral dice needs a dice tray to roll those beauties into. Sure, you can buy a dice tray, but when the design possibilities are unlimited, why have what everyone else has?

Maybe your adventurers don’t have the attention span for a long form game – we’ve got multiple games that introduce the concepts of role playing to younger kids. From “Role Play”, which is the most fun you’ll ever have pretending to be the mayor meeting a necromancer in the thieve’s den at midnight, to “No Thank You Evil”, a very simple system that gives young adventurers lots of latitude for creativity. There is also cooperative games like “Forbidden Island”, which gives everyone a special role, and we all have to work together to solve the challenge, and make it off the island. Pandemic, the gold standard for cooperative boardgames has a longer play time, but we also have a fast version that uses the same mechanic but is over in 30 minutes.

And if you’ve been reading all this, and thinking, “hey, why do kids get to have all the fun?”, never fear! Kids LOVE it when their parents play with them, and we love noting more than making that possible. Talk to us about what sort of games you’re into, and let us get you up and going with confidence and control.

Our holiday programs will have a low group size, and we aim to set up groups so that the kids on each day have the best opportunity to learn and have fun, but also connect with kids with similar interests. Our schedule of games will be updated as we confirm bookings, so get in early to request the activity that you want to run, and we’ll make it happen for you.  Email to book or enquire.

Download the flyer here.

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