Dungeon Master/Director

I have a lifelong love of games and learning, which inspired me to turn to games for teaching emotional regulation and social skills as a parent. My past roles in film, psychology and counselling all come to play at the table, building a circle of trust as I lead adventurers on immersive and thrilling adventures and into new realms.

After becoming a parent in 2007, I began to recognise that my adorable kiddo was struggling with some of the same things that I had struggled with decades ago. I set out to learn all I could about learning differences and neurodivergent minds. When my own child started to show an interest in tabletop role playing games, I began to see the potential for teaching social skills, turn taking, conversational skills, and many other “soft” skills in a fun and safe environment.

In 2019 I began leading upper primary and intermediate kids through their first Dungeons and Dragons adventures, and really began to see the incredible transformational potential of a supported game environment, as well as the sheer joy the kids had in unleashing their powers in a fantasy setting. Word spread, and I began to get requests to run more and more games for kids all over Auckland.