Summer Holidays – One Shot

15 December 2020
Gribblehirst Community Hub
Tue 15,  1:00 pm
      Dec 15,  4:00 pm

Bring along your own character sheet, or use one of our cool pre-generated characters, and immerse yourself in a fantasy world with some new friends. A one shot adventure gives you the chance to try out a new class you’ve never played before, hone your character voice, stretch those role playing skills, and get ready for wild ride!

Whether you are an old hand or a complete newbie, our Dungeon Masters will match you up with a great team, and take you on an adventure that will keep you entertained and engaged.

Please bring-

Character Sheet (or some idea of what class you’d like to play)
Dice Tray

If you don’t have these, don’t worry! We have loaners available, and what better excuse to visit your LGS (local game store)?