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Learn the basics, roll up a character, and find your feet. 

Home Games

Our Dungeon Masters can teach you the skills and give you the confidence to get your own home game up and running.


We can run games in school and provide specialist training for teachers. 


Is your adventurer keen to introduce friends to the game. Talk to us about immersive small group parties.

School Holiday Program

We have a huge list of options available for school holiday activities. Unlike other school holiday programs, we consider the needs of each individual adventurer when booking our program. Each activity has a strict booking limit (which varies with the activity), so that we can ensure every kid has their needs met. 

If you or your adventurer like the sound of something on the flyer, contact us and we can find a date that works for you, and other kids who enjoy the same activity. We can’t always ensure a good social fit, but we do try!

Does your kid have a passion for something they’d like to explore further? We love curious minds and will do our best to to match a passion with an activity, and sometimes an expert who can come in and lead the kids on a fabulous exploration. 

We believe that creativity, collaboration, and imagination are skills that will help our kids to thrive throughout their lives, and that fostering their own innate drive to create, and supporting their social communication is just the boost they need to find their confidence to succeed.

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Why Choose Us

Got Questions?

We are always happy to chat with parents, and spend the time to get to know your kids. Everyone has more fun when we feel safe.


We take the physical and emotional safety of adventurers very seriously. Please let us know if you or your adventurer have any concerns. We'll always believe you and do our best to help.


Our adventurers are at their best when they feel valued and respected. That's why we make the effort to meet with you first, to make sure that each adventurer is placed in a team where they have the best potential to thrive, connect with peers, and feel like a hero.

It's not about winners and losers

All of our adventurers are part of a team. We each have unique roles in the party, and we all get the chance to be heroes. When someone picks on one party member, we all roll for initiative!

Term Fees

Although we do advertise single session pricing, we know that adventurers get the most benefit from consistent attendance. Think of our games like an ongoing novel - you wouldn't want to miss a chapter!

Our Skills

Every single team member brings something special to the table. A connection with quirky minds, great storytelling, and an absolute dedication to equipping kids with the tools they need to thrive.

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